Our Local Mission for Tucson

It is our hope to provide enough wood from normal Landscape and Tree Service in Tucson to supply all of Tucson’s Firewood needs. Living in a world of Pine bark beetles and lerps it is clear that bringing in Juniper and Mesquite that has been clear cut is a horrible option. Our promise to you is that we will only offer local wood from the greater tucson area. Our Firewood in Tucson will be naturally harvested from urban forestry and NO tree’s will be cut down to supply firewood for Tucson. We also promise you that the fluff from the tree will be recycled in creative ways or at a minimum given to fairfax clean recycling program becoming mulch or compost.

Firewood Tucson, Arizona

Making Tucson Green

Cord Firewood in Tucson, Arizona is a Grass Roots effort to make Tucson Green again. Can you believe our City Dump mixes trash with green debris? Can you believe that part of our Firewood in Tucson ​comes from clear cut Juniper from Norther Arizona and purchased Mesquite from Mexico? This sounds crazy but its true. In our travels we have found that there are no Firewood companies in responsible communities. Why is this? Because they have disciplined Landscape and Tree Service contractors that carry the load recycling their trimmings into the Firewood needs of the community. What a great idea! We hope that the message is loud and clear to all the Landscapers in Tucson that saving your wood helps or planet. More competition will bring the prices down and that is good for Tucson. Our travels have also taught us that the firewood prices in Tucson are far to high. The national average is in line with 150$ a cord while Tucson hovers around the 275$ mark. This too is crazy and we hope that with your support we will make a difference in the footprint we are all leaving behind. 

Firewood for sale

We are going to stop the need for clear cutting trees to supply firewood!

Mesquite (smelliest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 285$ Plus Tax and delivery

Pine (softest wood)

1/2 cord 130$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 255$ Plus Tax and delivery

Eucalyptus (hardest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 280$ Plus Tax and delivery

Email to order your wood today!

Cord Firewood in Tucson, Arizona

What a great way to have a fire and feel good about it. For far too long Tucson has lacked the leadership to make our community green and due to that many rise up to take on the role. Look at Fairfax Green Debris Recycling program. This is out of need. There is also a need for Tucson's wood to stay in Tucson. By re using it as firewood not only does it prevent the consumer from buying wood that is harvested solely for firewood but it also prevents the wood from being mixed in with trash at the landfill increasing our already huge environmental footprint. Thanks for your support and we will see you next year!

Mesquite Firewood Tucson