Fire wood for sale in Tucson, Arizona

Did you know?

Were you aware that a large tree can transpire 100 gallons of moisture a day and through the cooling of the leaves it photosynthesizes and provides enough oxygen for up to 4 people! How amazing! How could we take our storm damaged trees and throw them away and then go cut down trees to supply firewood needs for our community? It just doesn't make any sense. These trees have stored energy that is released through fire which breaks up the molecules. This stored energy is also released in the form of nitrogen as the mineralization process takes place during composting.  Mulch your tree, feed your tree, love your tree. And should you want a fire to enjoy use the trimmings that we harvest naturally in Tucson through sustainable urban forestry.

Order Firewood in Tucson today!

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Thank you! We are a local recycler of a sustainable bi product collected from Urban Forestry. We do not promise perfect wood but do promise to have on average larger sizes than others. (no City Cords) We also Promise that No Tree's have been cut down just to provide your firewood and no wood has been purchased from other suppliers and we further promise that ALL your wood will be from Tucson (or surrounding area's like Oro Valley) which helps contain the pests we already have and prevents the entry of new ones into our environment. (kind of how the Pine Bark Beetle got here)

Cord Firewood of Tucson has a green alternative to firewood for Tucson. Order today and read or commitment to you and to Tucson on the other pages.

Mesquite (smelliest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 285$ Plus Tax and delivery

Pine (softest wood)

1/2 cord 130$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 255$ Plus Tax and delivery

Eucalyptus (hardest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 280$ Plus Tax and delivery

Thanks for your Support!

Delivery only

Delivery 25$ (in Tucson)

Stacking 35$ (If close to drive)

Cord sizes amount to

1/2 cord = 2X4X8

1 cord = 4X4X8

Email directly of you are interested in mulch at the end of our season. In the past we have been able to recycle up to 80,000 lbs of saws shavings and bark from the yard and offer it for free to willing Tucsonans. The catch is, we bring it in a dumping trailer that has limited movability and we bring a huge pile. This is good for those with lots of land and desire to add organic material that will be the beginning of rich topsoil after the mineralization process is complete.

We are only contactable through this form or by email. We just don't have time to sit on the phone answering questions. If you have any feel free to contact us through the communication provided and we will be prompt with our response. Our old yard that we used to operate out of in Mid Town is closed and we are in search of our new yard. Many of you remember us and we are so happy that you have found us again.

Together we are going to make Tucson a better place and while we do that we will also try to provide more wood for cheaper. Go Local and go green!

Thank you Tucson for your support!

We love you too!

Thank you for your Support!

This is a recycling effort to offer Tucsonans a great alternative to Firewood. Many of us will not burn a fire in Tucson because we know the hidden secret that firewood suppliers often purchase wood harvested by clear cutting. This wood is shipped long distances causing spread of disease and is damaging to the Old Pueblo. Here at Cord Firewood in Tucson we make on solemn pledge “No wood will be cut for the sole purpose of supplying your firewood”

Email for Firewood in Tucson today!

Firewood in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona’s Leader in Firewood.

Tucson has for years been a great off the beaten path oasis. Those of us with 30 or more years know that our community is full of diverse, unique and loving people. Often as people move here they don’t get it and it takes time to understand that we are a little different breed. . This is not Phoenix, California or Texas, there is a unique community here and its alive and well. If you are looking for a perfect fire or log please know that we have a different goal in mind.

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