Firewood Tucson, Arizona

Large Cords at a Fair Price!


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Welcome to Cord Firewood in Tucson!

Cord Firewood in Tucson prides itself on offering local firewood for Tucson. Did you know that Tree Service in Tucson cultivates millions of pounds of debris each year with very little going towards the firewood needs of our community. Often it is the practice in Tucson to import Juniper from northern Arizona and mesquite from Mexico. Is this renewable? Sustainable? We think not.

Our goal is to provide a different option for Tucson when it comes to firewood, a local option. Our guarantee to you is that we will only recycle and resell wood from Tucson and the immediate area’s around Tucson ie Oro Valley etc. We also promise that the wood will be from the routine maintenance and removals done in Tucson during Urban Forestry. We promise that no tree’s will be cut down to supply firewood.

What type of wood should I burn in Tucson, Arizona?

Often a fire in can bring you peace and joy taking us back to the most simple form of humanity. Here at Cord Firewood in Tucson let us offer you a chance to enjoy that cool night in Tucson that only happens once a blue moon. For this kind of fire we recommend Tucson Dry Pine because it gives you a quick roaring fire with lots of flame.

What if you are blessed with that 50’s ranch home or a rammed earth gem that has a fireplace to curb the heating costs in the cool months of winter here in Tucson, Arizona. Local Tucson Eucalyptus Firewood is the wood for you. We believe it to be the best Firewood in Tucson and the hardest wood on the planet. It is very hard to light, slow burning and leaves very little ash cleanup behind, perfect for a pot belly stove or beehive fireplace.

Our final choice is that old west favorite. Are you looking for the nostalgic fire in Tucson? Do you want the campfire smell or do you like to throw a dinner meal on the fire? Well, if this is your desire Local Tucson Mesquite Firewood is for you. We have a great local option that will allow you to enjoy the campfire in the old west while knowing a tree was not cut down to supply your wood.

​​Tucson’s Fairest Cord Firewood



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Firewood Tucson, Arizona

Firewood in Tucson!

25$ Delivery (Tucson)

35$ Stacking (if close to drive)

Mesquite (smelliest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 285$ Plus Tax and delivery

Pine (softest wood)

1/2 cord 130$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 255$ Plus Tax and delivery

Eucalyptus (hardest wood)

1/2 cord 145$ Plus Tax and delivery

1 cord 280$ Plus Tax and delivery

Thanks for your Support!


Delivery is 25$ in Tucson, Sahuarita, Vail , Marana, Catalina and Southwest Tucson may be more depending on travel time.
A Half cord is 2X4X8 and a Full Cord of wood is 4X4X8
Eucalyptus is a hard wood, very hard to light but perfect for heating homes. Mesquite is a smoky wood with the smell of the old west. Pine is the quick starter with big flame best used outdoors.
We bring the wood in a dumping long trailer and stacking is available provided it is close to location we can drive too. If you have a long path to the stacking location or steps or difficult access it may be more.
We can deliver when you are not home with sufficient instructions and pre pay via emailed invoice through Square Card Reader.
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Thank you! We will schedule your delivery and get back to you soon.

The wood types are below to help you with your order. We recommend if you are purchasing Eucalyptus to request a little Pine with your order to help start your fires.

Eucalyptus is the best hardwood in Arizona. It is the equivalent of burning a brick. It burns slow and has the least amount of ash. Starting it is a chore but once you get it going you will see why it is the best hardwood around.

Mesquite is the old west favorite. Alot of people associate it with a very hard wood but it is on the medium side in comparison to Eucalyptus. It is a great wood for outdoor fires or campfires. Smoking food on the barbecue is a favorite past time for most with mesquite wood. We wouldn't recommend burning it inside exclusively unless you have a well made fireplace that can allow the smoke to leave. 

Arizona Pine is one of the best and cheapest woods around. It is drier than other part of the country with less pitch. With that said you want to watch burning it inside and be aware that pitch buildup in your fireplace can cause a chimney fire. Cleaning frequently is recommended. It is the best wood for a outdoor party or night on the patio as it gives you quick results and a lot of flame to warm yourself by the fire.

Ask in the additional information category for kindling and we may have some laying around that we can bag up and bring to you. It costs 10$ for a 13 gallon bag full of bark and chip pieces that may help a bunch with starting your fire.

Please remember that we do not do this for a living, we do it for Love and in our experience other parts of the country do not even have firewood businesses as there is no need because responsible landscape companies recycle the wood provided to them through urban forestry. This is a renewable resource that gives back to our community and prevents the need for clear cutting to supply firewood needs. Our hope is to encourage others to do so.

Firewood Rack 135$ hold 1/3 cord 8 feet 

Bag of fire starter bark/mulch/wood chips 10$ for a 13 gallon bag

Ask about our bulk discounts!  4 cords of wood for 865$ comes in a dumping trailer, no stacking, wood is tossed into a 16 foot trailer with 5 foot sides full to the top. Tossed.

Our Local Firewood in Tucson, Arizona

If you are looking for perfect wood Our definition of perfect may be different than others. We do not sell wood to make a living but do it for the love of recycling a byproduct of urban forestry. Firewood in Tucson on average is almost 2 times more expensive than the national average firewood prices. Why is this? Well, simply put we are in a desert and a lot of the wood sold is from elsewhere clear cut tree’s only to supply firewood. Along with this we have a City of Tucson Dump that does not recycle green debris and education on re use of our green products is lacking. Here at Cord Firewood in Tucson we offer firewood with a local flair. Email today with your firewood order.

Firewood Tucson, Arizona

Routine Tree Maintenance

Urban forestry in Tucson is a great source of Firewood. There is no need for clear cutting to supply firewood when we have a renewable resource right here in Tucson. It prevents the spread of insects to our area from other regions.

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Cord Firewood in Tucson

Firewood for Tucson

All of Tucson’s Firewood needs supplied by cutting already done in Tucson. How great it is to have an organic local option that helps the environment, economy and future footprint left by us here in Tucson.

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Cord Firewood of Tucson

Monsoon storm damage

Monsoon storms every year knock over thousands of tree’s. What if we could use that to supply our Firewood in Tucson? Well now we can, Cord Firewood in Tucson is Tucson’s Green alternative for Firewood.

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By Delivery only (no pickup)

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Email with questions or to order your wood today